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New: Interceptor Whisperer Website

New: Interceptor Whisperer Website

May 11, 2022

New: Interceptor Whisperer Website post image

Schier has launched a website dedicated to supporting the wastewater pretreatment industry. The site offers a go-to resource for state and local code authorities involved in developing or amending FOG discharge control management programs.

Interceptor Whisperer by SchierYou can find links to resources, including studies, research papers and articles, as well as modern ordinances, policies or bylaws that have been adopted by jurisdictions in recent years. The site also hosts a blog covering various topics regarding the compliance of grease interceptor systems. 

Be on the lookout for training event opportunities that could bring an Interceptor Whisperer team member to your area for a one-day grease interceptor training course - with CEUs or PDHs approved in many areas. 

Schier Expertise 

Schier maintains relationships with code officials, including IPC, UPC, NSPC, CSA, ASME, ASPE and many other state and local code authorities, keeping us informed and up-to-date on code trends by jurisdiction. 

“We are proud of our position as the product and information leader in the grease interceptor industry. Our work in the field and now online by our Interceptor Whisperer team is just one more way that we honor that vision,” says Charlie Ismert, President and Sales Director at Schier. 

The name “Interceptor Whisperer” is representative of the Regulatory Compliance division at Schier. These roles are held by professionals that possess the passion, experience, and knowledge necessary to be a partner to the pretreatment community in reducing the impact of FOG discharge to wastewater collection and treatment works systems.

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