ASPE Publishes Schier's Grease Production Sizing Method

July 29, 2016

Schier is pleased to announce that the Grease Production Sizing Method has been added to the American Society of Plumbing Engineers, Plumbing Engineering Design Handbook 4, Plumbing Components and Equipment. The final draft was reviewed and approved by the society in May, 2016.

In essence the Society approved of a two-step sizing and selection process for hydromechanical grease interceptors. Step one sizes the interceptor by flow rate using fixture volume and either a one-minute or two-minute drainage period. Step-two provides an alternate selection process that estimates the amount of grease potentially produced by a food service establishment. This two-step process allows a specifier to calculate the minimum required flow rate for the approved interceptor but also allows a specifier to consider how much grease an interceptor is certified to store in the decision making process.

Engineers across the country have expressed their appreciation for the Grease Production Sizing Method as a tool to aide in better sizing and selection of grease interceptors. We are proud that ASPE recognizes its value and has approved its inclusion in the next edition of this essential data book.