Happy 10th Anniversary, Great Basin!

August 15, 2016

Dear Schier Customers,

In the summer of 2006, after two years of lab testing and tool investment, we sold our very first GB-250 for installation at a race track somewhere in the hollows of Upstate New York. They were humble beginnings as we met with hundreds of new customers across the country to tell them about our new technology. We had created a product that scratched an itch that had been festering for decades. Restaurant owners now had a ​lifetime guaranteed alternative to guaranteed-to-fail steel and concrete units..

The GB-250 also created a new high efficiency interceptor category with a grease rating of 1,076 pounds (at 100 GPM), and was suitable for all installations. It ​was ​the happy medium, the hybrid product everyone needed – they just didn’t know it. A few months later, we added the GB-75. And by January of 2012, the GB-15, GB-20, GB-25, GB-35 and GB-50 were introduced, rounding out the series to what you have grown to know and trust.

This complete Great Basin™ lineup led us to the creation of the Grease Production Sizing Method and our​ ​stocking distribution​ ​program​. Today that sizing method is accepted by many jurisdictions and will soon be published in the ASPE Plumbing Handbook, and we now have hundreds of stocking distributors across the US, Canada and Puerto Rico.

So as we celebrate the 10-Year Anniversary of the Great Basin™ and reflect on over 70,000 installations later, I’m writing simply to thank you for your partnership and the time you spend with us each and every day. Many of you have made this journey with us from the beginning and some of you are just getting started. Regardless, thank you. Your engagement helps us to stay sharp and make our tools, programs, products and lives better every day.


Charlie Ismert | President