Website Renovation

October 25, 2016

www.schierproducts.comSince the January release of our new website, we've had a good deal of feedback on how to make the online Schier experience even better. We listened and are pleased to announce the launch of the renovated website.

The new website features an overhauled navigation system, with dropdown menus for our company and products categories. Sign in and cart links have been moved to the bottom of every page, along with links to our social media sites and a simple search feature. Products now includes a set of overview pages for each of our major product lines. Individual product pages feature updated navigation, slideshow galleries and additional fields for our eQuotes. There's a page for Market Specific Products with our wet inlet, high flow and fixed outlet grease interceptors. We've also included a Technical Data page for engineers, where you can find specs, submittals and installation instructions for all our products - downloadable individually, or all at once.

We hope you enjoy the new site and thank you for the suggestions and ideas which contributed to this update - keep 'em coming!

Thank you,

Charlie Ismert   |   President