Video - Grease Production Sizing Method

March 05, 2015

I realize that I recently blogged about the topic of Schier's Grease Production Sizing Method (here), but as I travel around the country visiting with pretreatment professionals I repeatedly see the need for a better sizing approach for grease interceptors.

Schier created a video to provide another tool to help jurisdictions, specifiers and contractors to not only understand how to size by grease production but also to be able to quickly explain the method to anyone else.

Flow rate or liquid volume based sizing for grease interceptors is inaccurate and inadequate, having led to thousands and thousands of incorrect installations across North America.

Grease Production Sizing is the only method that considers how much grease a restaurant will produce to ensure that the grease interceptor selected has enough capacity for a consistent and affordable pumpout schedule.

Watch the video now!

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