Interceptor Whisperer Launches Independent Consulting Service

March 10, 2017

A career is a funny thing - rarely can a person predict their career path. People often ask me what I do and how I got where I am in my career. That always makes me smile.

I started out working in plumbing wholesale distribution. I went from warehouse man, to truck driver, to inside sales, to outside sales and finally branch management. Then I wanted to move up the industry 'food chain' and the next level up for me was working for a manufacturer's representative. Later I started my own agency, which is when I was introduced to Schier Products and their brand of commercial grease interceptors.

Ben, Charlie and Luke Ismert were young and radical in their approach to the industry and I liked the idea of turning an industry on its ear for its own good. I was fortunate in the Pacific Northwest that in the area, particularly in Oregon, the idea of a high-capacity hydromechanical grease interceptor resonated well with most of the various stakeholders. Schier enjoyed year-over-year growth and in 2011 asked me to join the company as an employee to help Schier repeat the same growth in other western states. 

In truth, I didn't really like being a territory manager for Schier - I loved working for Schier, but not in that role. In April of 2013 I approached the 'bosses' with the idea of creating a new position called Regulatory Compliance Manager.  My job would be to work on pretreatment ordinance challenges, grease interceptor standards and plumbing code related issues. I have enjoyed this role with Schier over the past four years and the mutual growth that both Schier as a manufacturer and I personally have experienced. I am thankful for my time with the Ismert families and am grateful to have their support in this career change.

With that said, I am leaving my post with Schier as an employee to start my own consulting firm. Being independent from the employ of a manufacturer will allow me some freedom and flexibility to take on clients where my experience can be a benefit - I am thinking here of pretreatment ordinance work for example. One of my main goals is to help jurisdictions update outdated pretreatment ordinances with improved requirements that benefit both the jurisdiction and restaurant owners. 

I am excited about this new adventure and I am looking forward to making more of a difference in our collective world of FOG abatement and I'm gonna need your help to do it. Please call or email me with your ideas, thoughts or suggestions or even just words of encouragement.

I can't wait to hear from you. You can find me anytime through my new website at I'm slowly moving over all of the old blog posts to the new site, while I'm already working on new content, so check it out!


  • Ron Featherstone

    Mar 10, 2017

    As we approach our 1 year anniversary as Reps for Schier in British Columbia, I wanted to thank you for your product and application insight.
    Hy-Line Sales has been a Rep in B.C. for 37 years and I am proud of our staff and the product lines we represent. Working with Schier and Striem has been a unique pleasure, and each of us within the Agency has benefitted from the enthusiasm and energy from all at Schier.
    I wish you great success in your new venture
    Best Regards, Ron Featherstone
    Hy-Line Sales Ltd.

  • Jan Loving

    Mar 10, 2017

    Best wishes and good luck on your new endeavor. We appreciate your contributions to our understanding of the grease interceptor world and it’s impact on municipal systems.

    If you’re ever in New Mexico / El Paso come see us. If we can be of any assistance, please don’t hesitate.
    Best regards,
    Jan Loving

  • Dave Yates

    Mar 10, 2017

    We need a WPT (Wipes, Paper Towel, & Tampon/Pad) interceptor!

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