Make it Better


There’s been a resurgence in the school of thought that things should be built to last. People now expect more from their coolers, jeans, workboots and blenders. We think you should expect the same from your grease interceptor. When we started with Schier in 2003, half of our products were made from steel. Guaranteed to fail.

Some plumbers would half-joke “hey man, that’s job security. In 2006 when we launched the Great Basin™, we made a bet that our customers wanted something better. We believed that grease interceptors should not only be ridiculously efficient but they should also last a long time.

We think that job security comes not from built in obsolescence but from taking your time to do the right thing. Thank you for being a part of what we do. We look forward to working with you.




Need help choosing the right grease interceptor?

Try Grease Monkey. The grease interceptor sizing service powered by Schier

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