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Part#: 4070-001-03

Intended Market: Fixed outlet required by local code
Flow control has been removed from this unit and the outlet connection is welded in a straight-through configuration only.
99% Efficiency Rating: Units must be piped in series.
Intended Market: Miami - Satisfies Miami DERM 99% efficiency requirements.

Technical Information

Flow Rates/Grease Capacities: 
50 GPM (3.2 L/s) / 272.7 lbs. (123.7 kg)
75 GPM (4.7 L/s) / 175.6 lbs. (79.7 kg)
Solids Capacity:  1.9 gal. (7.2 L)
Liquid Capacity:  40 gal. (151.4 L)
Weight:  69 lbs. (31.3 kg)
Installed:  Indoor, On-floor, Buried, Low-Profile Next-to-Sink


50/75 GPM Grease Interceptor

The GB3 can be installed as a 50 or 75 GPM interceptor, and can be set on the floor or buried. Unit comes ready to connect to 3" or 4" pipe. This product may be used in place of models GB-50 and GB-75 (indoor installations only).

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