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Schier Products | Manufacturing America's Grease Interceptors

About Schier


We aspire to be the product and knowledge leader in the treatment of kitchen wastewater.


We make the world better by serving and providing for our employees.


Employee Ownership

Designing a profitable growth strategy for two or five years is one thing, but we want to be anchoring our corner of Kansas City, serving our customers and providing great jobs 100 years from now. When you want to be a 100-year-old company, you prioritize resilience. The decision to become an ESOP was the perfect fit for us culturally because our 68 employees already act like owners, and it fit strategically because it removed the usually fatal event of a future ownership change. As an ESOP, Schier ownership, its purpose, and its culture now have a great chance of remaining intact across generations. 


We are a team of highly-skilled experts who help to make Schier the industry-leading pioneer of innovative, high-tech, quality products. We go slow to go fast and build a culture of less urgency and more thoughtfulness. We also have a lot of fun. Interested in joining us?



The essence of Lean Manufacturing is for everything to be customer designed and to eliminate waste from your business value stream until it flows smoothly. By its very nature, Lean is pro-employee and pro-domestic sourcing.


Schier - located in Shawnee, KS -
is a 100% USA-made manufacturer

We're steadfast in working with local vendors and supporting the U.S. economy. Not only is every component used in our product line made or sourced in the USA, even the tooling to make all of our parts is American made. Our tanks and covers are molded throughout the midwest with American-made resins, while our bulkhead fittings and internal components are molded in Kansas City - our own backyard.

At Schier, You're Family

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