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SI-50 | Indoor/Outdoor Solids Interceptor


Solids Interceptor


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53 gal

Indoor / Outdoor

65 GAL

Liquid Capacity

Product Description

Kitchen Solids Interceptor

In many cases of interceptor backups, solids are to blame. Solids tend to result in immediate clogs, whereas grease problems happen over time. While our indoor/outdoor Great Basin® models have solids capacity built-in, a separate solids interceptor should be considered when using a concrete or steel interceptor (to slow corrosion and rust), for restaurants with known solids problems, with any grease interceptor that does not include rated solids capacity, or in any facility that has a food waste grinder that is attached to the grease waste line.

More Features:

  • 53 gallons of solids capacity

  • Rugged polyethylene tank

  • Safety Star® access restrictor prevents accidental entry

  • Fits through 36" doorways

  • Triple outlet feature allows for installation flexibility, including the ability to connect an unused outlet for remote pumpout (PP3 compatibility)

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Technical Information

Flow Rate
125 GPM (7.9 L/s)

Solids Capacity 53 gal (200.6 L)

Liquid Capacity 65 gal (246.1 L)

Weight 148 lbs (67.1 kg)

Installation Location Indoor/Outdoor

SI-50 product image

On-grade perfection

Schier's cover adapters give 4" of vertical adjustability and up to a 5-degree tilt in any direction, helping to ensure covers are installed perfectly inline on the concrete pad.



Three outlets available for installation flexibility and optional pumpout port connection.

On the tank

Blue solids interceptor label and blue plastic wrap around each cover adapter

Product ID label with technical and certification details (also available inside the cover adapter)

"Made By" label featuring one of our product builders and the date your interceptor was built

Inline Installation Recommended With

GB-50 product image
439 lbs at 50 GPM
287 lbs at 75 GPM
GB-75 product image
861 lbs at 75 GPM
GB-75-B product image
623 lbs at 50 GPM at 99%


FCR2 product image
Field cut riser
PP3 product image
Pumpout Port Kit that converts an outlet into a pumpout port. Use with GB-50, GB-75, GB-250, GB-500.
AK1 product image
This anchor kit is recommended for installation in high water table conditions to prevent float out.
ATD1 product image
For securing covers to units in ABOVE GRADE INSTALLATIONS with increased head pressure conditions.
CA2 product image
Adapter for 24" Corrugated Pipe Riser
CC2 product image
For recessed and suspended units with 24" covers.
PLAIN-EA-24 product image
4" MPT - 2" Plain End Fitting.
PLAIN-EA-34 product image
4" MPT - 3" Plain End Fitting.
FPT-EA-23 product image
3" MPT - 2" FPT Fitting.
FPT-EA-34 product image
4" MPT - 3" FPT Fitting.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is a solids interceptor recommended?

Solids interceptors are only recommended when required by the authority having jurisdiction or for applications where an unusual amount of solids discharge is anticipated. Schier’s indoor/outdoor Great Basin® models provide up to 25% solids capacity to sufficiently capture the greases and solids that go down the kitchen drain line.

What cover options are available for Schier solids interceptors?

The two cover options are the H-20 load-rated pickable cast iron cover and the bolted composite cover. If the unit is being installed outside the building and/or in a vehicle traffic area it should have the H-20 load-rated cast iron cover(s). If the unit is going to be installed inside the building or above grade it should have the bolted composite cover(s). When purchasing a Schier solids interceptor online, you will be prompted to select your cover option prior to checkout.

When do you need to use a high-water/anti-flotation anchor kit?

If there is a possibility that ground water will come into contact with the unit, there needs to be a high-water/anti-flotation anchor kit installed (AK1, AK2, AK3).

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