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GB2 | Indoor Hydromechanical Grease Interceptor


Hydromechanical Grease Interceptor


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35 GPM / 130 lbs
50 GPM / 127 lbs
35 GPM / 180 lbs (2) at 99%


20 GAL

Liquid Capacity

Product Description

35/50 GPM Hydromechanical Grease Interceptor

The compact design of the GB2 makes it a perfect fit for under-the-sink installations. It can be installed above grade (on the floor) or buried below grade (compatible with FCR1 riser to bring system to grade). The triple outlet feature allows for installation flexibility, including the ability to connect an unused outlet for remote pumpout (PP1 compatibility).

More Features:

  • Rugged polyethylene tank body

  • Built-in Flow Control Cartridge™, easy to remove for cleaning (Learn More)

  • Includes plain end fittings to connect to 3" and 4" pipe

Listed by IAPMO to ASME A112.14.3 and CSA B481.1.

Miami DERM

GB2-2 — Two units installed in series meets 99% efficiency requirement for Miami DERM: 35 GPM (2.2 L/s) / 180 lbs. (81.6 kg)

Alternate Configurations

GB2-CT — 25 GPM, 20-gallon indoor grease interceptor intended for Connecticut market

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Technical Information

Flow Rate/Grease Capacity
35 GPM (2.2 L/s) / 130 lbs (59 kg)
50 GPM (3.2 L/s) / 127 lbs (57.6 kg)
35 GPM (2.2 L/s) / 180 lbs (81.6 kg) (2) at 99%

Solids Capacity 1.8 gal (6.8 L)

Liquid Capacity 20 gal (75.7 L)

Weight 49 lbs (22.2 kg)

Installation Location Indoor

GB2 product image

Don't let this happen to you.

Choose Schier. Choose a lifetime guarantee. Schier polyethylene beats steel every time.

Here's Why!



Three outlets available for installation flexibility and optional pumpout port connection.

On the tank

Product ID label with technical and certification details (also available inside the cover adapter)

In-series label that shows grease capacity for in-series installations

"Made By" label featuring one of our product builders and the date your interceptor was built



A pumpout port is a versatile accessory that offers ease and convenience to the pumpout process - for restaurant personnel and pumper contractors alike!




FCR1 product image
Riser for grease interceptors with 21" covers installed below grade.
PP1 product image
Pumpout Port Kit that converts an outlet into a pumpout port. Use with GB1, GB2 and GB3.
SGK2 product image
Support Gusset Kit for use with Great Basin® model GB2.
CC1 product image
Clamping collar for units with 21" covers, recessed and suspended.
PLAIN-EA-24 product image
4" MPT - 2" Plain End Fitting.
FPT-EA-23 product image
3" MPT - 2" FPT Fitting.
FPT-EA-34 product image
4" MPT - 3" FPT Fitting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the discharge from a food waste grinder be run through Great Basin® indoor units?

We do not recommend using these units in connection to a food waste grinder due to their small solids containment capacity. We recommend using one of the Great Basin® indoor/outdoor units that have solids containment capacity of 20% or more of the unit's liquid volume.

Can the Great Basin® indoor models be buried flush with the floor without using a riser?

These units can be buried flush with the floor without a riser, but it is recommended that they be located out of the traffic path. If the unit is placed in the traffic path, the GB2 and GB3 must have the gusset support kit (SGK2 / SGK3) installed inside the unit.

Can the Great Basin® units be used with a dishwasher?

These units can be used with a dishwasher. If the dishwasher will have a discharge temperature higher than 150 degrees Fahrenheit, the system will require a drain tempering valve to reduce the water temperature.

Can there be an air gap for an above grade unit on the outlet side?

If you are required to have an air gap, it is highly recommended that the air gap be preceding the unit due to smell mitigation from the contents and waste water coming from inside the unit.

Do the Great Basin® units require a fixture vent?

These units do not require a fixture vent. The internal design of the unit will ensure proper function without a fixture vent. Any venting to the piping connected to our unit is at the discretion of the local authority.

Do you have a heavy-duty steel cover for Great Basin® indoor units?

We do not have a heavy-duty cover option for our indoor units. If your installation requires a higher-load rated cover, you will need to install a GB-50 or larger.

How much space is needed between units when they are installed in series?

There should be a minimum of 6" between the units when installed in series. In a buried application, this space will ensure there is enough backfill in between the units.

Our fixture has an air gap and discharges into a floor sink, which is overflowing. How can we fix this?

Due to the low head pressure in this scenario, the first solution is to remove the internal flow control. This low head pressure ensures the unit will not exceed its certified flow rate. If that doesn’t solve the issue, the next solution is to add a flow restrictor to the tailpiece of the fixture.

What are the minimum and maximum riser heights of a buried Great Basin® indoor unit?

The minimum riser height is 2 1/8" (built in) and the maximum heigh for field cut risers is 25," which is equivalent to two FCR1 risers (sold separately).

What if we have a cover sealing issue with a unit installed on the floor or flush with floor without a riser?

Even though the cover is circular, there is a proper orientation to ensure the cover is completely seated. The Schier logo should run parallel to the long side of the unit.

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