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Our Brands

Our Brands

A collective goal of

The Schier Brand Family

Our entire team is working towards the goal of saving U.S. taxpayers at least $100 million dollars in sewer maintenance and repair by the year 2033. We do that by delivering products and services that keep food scraps and grease from creating expensive sewer maintenance for city sewer operators.



Our parent brand is a trusted and proven name in the treatment of kitchen wastewater. Offering a lifetime guarantee and 100% American-made products, Schier has become the most specified brand of commercial grease interceptors on the market. Schier's purpose is to serve and provide for its employees by being a resilient company that offers best-in-class products and services.



Bluestem is a pumper, plumber, and expert FOG (fats, oils and grease) consultant all in one: treating restaurant drain lines against clogs, pumping grease interceptors, and guaranteeing compliance with local sewer code. Bluestem’s structured and proven approach keeps grease lines running at peak performance, 100% of the time.

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Sprout is the first ever kitchen sink-waste filter, a garbage disposal alternative that keeps excess grease and food waste from entering residential kitchen drains. Proactively green, Sprout's purpose is twofold: encourage responsible kitchen waste disposal outside of the sink (compost or trash) and act as the second line of defense against leftover grease and food waste.

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