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SV-10 | Sampling Port for Wastewater Inspection


Sampling Port


Online: $446.60

List: $638.00

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Product Description

Sewer Viewer® Wastewater Sampling Port

The SV10 is a smaller and more affordable alternative to most sampling ports on the market. It provides 8" visual and sampling access to the waste stream in commercial building drain lines, including restaurants, schools, labs, manufacturing plants, and industrial facilities. It is designed for indoor and outdoor applications in pedestrian and H-20 traffic areas, and can be used in above grade (on the floor) or below grade installations (compatible with FCR10 riser to bring system to grade).

More Features:

  • Rotomolded polyethylene

  • Combination plain-end inlet/outlet fittings connect to 4" and 6" standard flexible couplings

  • Offset inlet and outlet, with the outlet 2" lower to aid in horizontal sample grab

  • Safety Star┬« access restrictor prevents accidental entry

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One Size Fits All

The SV10 can be installed downstream of any Schier grease interceptor.

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FCR10 product image
Riser for SV10 Wastewater Sampling Port

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