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Schier Hydromechanical Grease Interceptors

Great Basin™


GB1 product image
70 lbs at 20 GPM
64.9 lbs at 25 GPM
15.85 lbs at 20 GPM at 99%
GB2 product image
130.5 lbs at 35 GPM
127.6 lbs at 50 GPM
180 lbs at 35 GPM (2) at 99%
GB3 product image
272.7 lbs at 50 GPM
175.6 lbs at 75 GPM
GB-50 product image
439.5 lbs at 50 GPM
287.23 lbs at 75 GPM
GB-75 product image
861 lbs at 75 GPM
GB-250 product image
1,895 lbs at 100 GPM
1,196 lbs at 200 GPM
GB-500 product image
3,048 lbs at 100 GPM
GB-1000 product image
5,495 lbs at 100 GPM
5,272 lbs at 100 GPM at 99%
4,959 lbs at 200 GPM
3,127 lbs at 200 GPM at 99%
GB-1500 product image
10,061.41 lbs at 100 GPM
9,897.39 lbs at 100 GPM at 99%


Worry Free. For Life.

In 2007 we introduced the industry's first lifetime guaranteed grease interceptor. Making it out of the right stuff (rugged, rotationally-molded polyethylene) is just the first step - backing it up when things don't go as planned is the peace of mind you deserve.

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Safety always comes first

Nearly every year fatalities happen inside a grease interceptor caused by drowning, entrapment and inhaling poisonous H2S gas. Schier's Safety StarĀ® provides access for routine maintenance like plumbing and inspection, while keeping the manway closed to accidental entry.

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