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Ins and Outs of the New GB-1000

Ins and Outs of the New GB-1000

October 6, 2021

Ins and Outs of the New GB-1000 post image

The GB-1000 is Schier's performance-rated, non-corrosive answer to the 1,000-gallon grease interceptor market that is largely comprised of problematic concrete products. The goal of the redesign was to provide hydromechanical performance resulting in industry-leading grease capacity, while offering the same great lifetime warrantee.

The fully re-designed GB-1000 consists of two independent rotationally molded halves coming together vertically in the middle. When welded together, the flat walls of each half provide tremendous structural integrity, so it may be installed above grade (NEW) as well as below grade. It also serves as the internal baffle to aid our flow diffusers with high-performance grease separation, a process we call Schier Flow Technology™. In addition to a more elegant aesthetic, the new design is half the weight of the previous version, offering increased efficiency and mobility.


The GB-1000 is the industry’s first performance-rated 1,000-gallon grease interceptor and is rated by ASME and CSA at 5,495 pounds of grease capacity @ 100 gallons per minute (GPM). The overall liquid capacity is 1,000 gallons with 21% of the volume intentionally dedicated to food solids storage. Based on Grease Production Sizing Method (GPSM), the GB-1000 can handle food producers of any size for hundreds or thousands of meals per day.


The tank tooling and all components are 100% made in the USA. The tank body is rotationally molded polyethylene with a quality “shot peen” finish and deep structural ribbing. It includes graphics for product model and our brand elements, like an icon representing Schier Flow Technology™. The assembled tank (with cast iron covers) weighs 824 pounds. The new GB-1000 can be installed outdoors or indoors (NEW - requires 74” access).

Structural analysis of the GB-1000 tank body was completed using FEA (finite element analysis) by a licensed structural engineer. The tank was tested under both ground force loading and hydrostatic pressure using multiple wall thicknesses and different backfill materials at incremental burial depths to determine the optimal wall thickness (7/16") and maximum burial depth (94" Riser).


The ground-up redesign of the GB-1000 was a full team effort. From defining scope and testing to sales and marketing promotion, stakeholders from each department took a problem/solution approach to producing the new tank. In the video above, Ben Brown - Senior Project Manager, Design Engineering - credits Schier's various departments and outlines his team's contributions to the project. Tad Asay, design engineer, followed up Brown's sentiments, stating that "the design engineering team applied knowledge gained through redesigning and testing other Great Basin™ models, resulting in not only a tank that looks like a Schier Great Basin™, but also incorporates and builds on the same internal technology and performance."


In 2006, Schier launched the Great Basin™ model GB-250. The GB-250 was the first ever lifetime guaranteed grease interceptor with a third-party performance certification that far outpaced industry-standard grease capacity requirements. In time, it forged a new market category now referred to as high-capacity hydromechanical grease interceptors.

By 2012, Schier added more Great Basin™ models and authored Grease Production Sizing Method™ (GPSM) to better protect sewers and drive down total municipal cost. Today, GPSM powers the Grease Monkey™ sizing tool, is published in the ASPE Plumbing Design Handbook and is codified by several municipalities big and small.

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