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New Website, Part 1: An Enhanced Specification Experience

New Website, Part 1: An Enhanced Specification Experience

July 15, 2022

New Website, Part 1: An Enhanced Specification Experience post image

In late 2021, our marketing team began planning for a rebuild of the Schier website. This project was driven by two core aspirations: to elevate the document-finding experience for specifying engineers and to offer a more guided and educational shopping experience; we will discuss the latter in a subsequent blog article.

The grease interceptor is just one part of a specifying engineer’s overall project. To make this part as easy and quick as possible, we aimed to offer a tool to retrieve specification documents (DWG, CSI Masterspec, Revit) with just a few clicks. The result is our new Spec Selector tool!


The Spec Selector includes filters and dropdown fields for the ability to select specific configurations of a product and be presented with documents for that model.

We've expanded our spec suite so that configurations for grease interceptors, solids interceptors and sampling ports yield unique specification documents. In other words, the documents change when a connection and cover combination is chosen. The Spec Selector allows someone to see only the exact files they need, rather than sifting through a list for each model.

The tool can be accessed in two ways:

  1. From two locations on the Home screen.

  1. From the "Documents" tab of any product page.


Specifying the right grease interceptor requires consideration of local code requirements, what’s easiest to purchase and install and what will provide the right maintenance interval for your customer. As a specialty manufacturer of 100% American-made, lifetime-guaranteed grease interceptors, Schier is more than just a “hard goods manufacturer” – we are the grease interceptor workflow partner for thousands of specifying engineers across North America.

Learn more about Schier’s specification engineer services, including Grease Monkey™ the number one grease interceptor sizing application.

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