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NEWS RELEASE: Schier Products Announces Launch of Improved Website Experience

NEWS RELEASE: Schier Products Announces Launch of Improved Website Experience

July 14, 2022

NEWS RELEASE: Schier Products Announces Launch of Improved Website Experience post image


Schier Products
July 14, 2022

Schier Products Announces Launch of Improved Website Experience

New website boasts deeper product education, easier access to engineering documentation and a world-class shopping and ecommerce experience.

[Shawnee, KS, July 14, 2022]. Schier Products, a manufacturer of grease interceptors for the food service industry, is thrilled to announce the launch of its new website at Built by Schier’s in-house marketing & technology team, the new site accomplishes several of the company’s priorities including better experience for online customers, easier access to engineering documents and more education about the products to help customers feel confident they’re getting the right product. 

The site features:

  •  An enhanced specification suite and document “Spec Selector” tool to assist grease interceptor specifiers in finding the exact documents for their plans with just a few clicks.

  • A guided and educational shopping experience that includes more photos, videos, diagrams and prompts to help customers find the product they need and learn more about sizing and installation.

  • A seamless checkout process that provides complete visibility into the multiple purchase options - directly online or through Schier’s large dealer network  - as well as transparency of shipping costs and lead times.

“We are proud of the website we developed here in-house and believe that this will ultimately help our customers to size, specify and purchase our products easier than ever before,” said Jayme Thomason, Schier Chief Marketing Officer. “We’re confident that our solution helps us stand out in a crowded marketplace and more accurately reflects the quality product we offer.”

Schier Products invites visitors to explore the new website. Search the easy-to-navigate catalog page, find literature, discover programs and services and learn more about Schier’s industry-leading products in the blog.

About Schier Products

Schier—located in Shawnee, Kansas—is a privately-owned, 100%  USA-made manufacturer of a premier lineup of high-capacity, lifetime guaranteed grease interceptors for commercial kitchens. In the last 20 years we have grown from a small regional company to the most widely specified and inventoried (sold through plumbing wholesale) brand of grease interceptors in the U.S. Our expertise in navigating codes, standards, compliance, specifications and installations is unparalleled in the industry. Our purpose is to serve and provide for our employees by being a resilient company that offers best-in-class products and services.


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