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Pioneers of No Flow Control

Pioneers of No Flow Control

October 6, 2021

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Schier has paved the way for grease interceptors in the field that do not require the use of flow control (No Flow Control Required). Flow control devices are designed as a mechanism to restrict the flow rate entering an interceptor, however, they often result in annoying clogs, nasty backups, and inconvenient maintenance issues.

In order for a product to adhere to this no-flow-control standard it must be certified to the Type D rating of ASME A112.14.3 - an industry performance standard that provides a certification flow rate, maximum grease capacity and efficiency percentage at failure.

Tried and true

The primary function of the ASME standard is to lay out a uniform method of testing grease interceptors - a medium to ensure the unit functions properly and to measure storage volume as well as efficiency. It is widely regarded as the go-to standard for testing hydromechanical grease interceptors (HGIs).

Type D allows manufacturers like Schier to test a grease interceptor without any internal (Type C) or external (Types A and B) flow control devices. Type D is designed to test an interceptor in an indirectly connected system, while Types A, B, and C require a direct connection.

FUN FACT: Schier was also the first to develop technology certified to Type C, which allows interceptors to ship with a built-in flow control device that a plumber does not have to install separately from the unit, like Types A and B.

We aim to please

Because most jurisdictions require indirect connections via floor sinks in commercial kitchens, pre-treatment officials across the industry generally prefer units that do not require flow control, previously only available with gravity grease interceptors.

Now, most of Schier's outdoor line of Great Basin™ products are certified to Type D, giving those in the field the option to add or remove flow control cartridges easily. Performance testing grease interceptors in house helps us better understand how to specify, size and use HGIs. At Schier, it also allows us to fine tune our products to create best-in-class solutions.

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