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What is Schier Flow Technology™?

What is Schier Flow Technology™?

October 6, 2021

What is Schier Flow Technology™? post image

The mechanics of a Schier Great Basin™ grease interceptor are designed to slow turbulent flow, allowing increased separation performance and up to 99% grease-free output.

The GB-1000: How it works

Water, grease and solids enter the first chamber of a grease interceptor from a commercial sink or floor drain through an inlet diffuser. First, the components hit the foot - a device at the bottom of the diffuser - which sends them against the side wall beside the inlet. The domed shape of this inner wall causes the flow to divert, moving up and down in a circular motion, slowing velocity. When the components hit the back wall, it separates grease, water, and solids, slowing the flow and pushing grease upward while solids immediately drop down. As grease particles hit the central baffle wall, they float and continue to build up in the first chamber.

Water and some grease particles will pass through the baffle openings into the second chamber. The remaining grease rises to the top, any solids that made it through will drop to the bottom, and pure, clean water is pulled through the outlet diffuser.

The process just described is what we call Schier Flow Technology™.

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