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Grease Interceptors for Miami DERM




Schier’s complete line of 99% efficiency compliant hydromechanical grease interceptor (HGI) systems satisfies Miami DERM’s newest grease interceptor requirements. Outlined in the FOG 2.5 Control Device Guidance Manual, these systems must include a solids interceptor, grease interceptor, and sampling port.



DERM’s two-step sizing method considers both flow rate and grease production to design the appropriate third-party certified system. For ease of specification per DERM requirements, Schier offers full-service sizing software through the Grease Monkey® Sizing Service. Selection of the appropriate solids interceptor and sample well is at the discretion of the design professional since FOG 2.5 does not outline particular specifications for either of these components.



Approved Models

Great Basin™ Hydromechanical Grease Interceptors
GB1 product image
16 lbs at 20 GPM at 99%
GB2 product image
180 lbs at 35 GPM (2) at 99%
GB-75-B product image
623 lbs at 50 GPM at 99%
GB-250-B product image
1,560 lbs at 75 GPM at 99%
GB-500-B product image
2,817 lbs at 100 GPM at 99%
GB-1000 product image
5,272 lbs at 100 GPM at 99%
3,127 lbs at 200 GPM at 99%
GB-1500 product image
9,897 lbs at 100 GPM at 99%
8,093 lbs at 200 GPM at 99%
Billy Goat™ Solids Interceptors
SI-50 product image
53 gal
SI-75 product image
109 gal
SI-250 product image
262 gal
SI-500 product image
457 gal
Sewer Viewer™ Sampling Ports

Looking for GB2-2?

Two GB2 units installed in series meets 99% efficiency requirement for Miami DERM: 35 GPM (2.2 L/s) / 180 lbs. (81.6 kg)



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