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GGI-750 | Indoor/Outdoor Gravity Grease Interceptor


Gravity Grease Interceptor


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100 GPM / 5,336 lbs
200 GPM / 3,628 lbs

Indoor / Outdoor, Below Grade

815 GAL

Liquid Capacity

Product Description

Below-Grade Gravity Grease Interceptor

The GGI-750 offers best in class grease capacity, dual rated to 100 and 200 GPM. It must be installed below grade (buried), using FCR2 risers to bring system to grade, and may be installed indoor or outdoor.

More Features:

  • Rugged polyethylene tank body

  • Safety Star® access restrictor prevents accidental entry

Listed by IAPMO to ANSI Z1001-2016.

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Technical Information

Flow Rate/Grease Capacity
100 GPM (6.3 L/s) / 5,336 lbs (2,420 kg)
200 GPM (12.6 L/s) / 3,628 lbs (1,645.4 kg)

Solids Capacity 75 gal (283.9 L)

Liquid Capacity 815 gal (3,085.1 L)

Weight 1,316 lbs (596.8 kg)

Installation Location Indoor/Outdoor, Below Grade

GGI-750 product image

On the tank

Product ID label with technical and certification details (also available inside the cover adapter)

"Made By" label featuring one of our product builders and the date your interceptor was built

On-grade perfection

Schier's cover adapters give 4" of vertical adjustability and up to a 10-degree tilt in any direction, helping to ensure covers are installed perfectly inline on the concrete pad.


FCR2 product image
Field cut riser
AK3 product image
Anti-flotation anchor kit for use with Great Basin™ model GB-1000 and all Big Foot™ models.
CA2 product image
Adapter for 24" Corrugated Pipe Riser
PLAIN-EA-34 product image
4" MPT - 3" Plain End Fitting.
PLAIN-EA-24 product image
4" MPT - 2" Plain End Fitting.
FPT-EA-23 product image
3" MPT - 2" FPT Fitting.
FPT-EA-34 product image
4" MPT - 3" FPT Fitting.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much space is needed between units when they are installed in series?

There should be a minimum of 6" between the units when installed in series. In a buried application, this space will ensure there is enough backfill in between the units.

When do you need to use a high-water/anti-flotation anchor kit?

If there is a possibility that ground water will come into contact with the unit, there needs to be a high-water/anti-flotation anchor kit installed (AK1, AK2, AK3).

Our fixture has an air gap and discharges into a floor sink, which is overflowing. How can we fix this?

Due to the low head pressure in this scenario, the first solution is to remove the internal flow control. This low head pressure ensures the unit will not exceed its certified flow rate. If that doesn’t solve the issue, the next solution is to add a flow restrictor to the tailpiece of the fixture.

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