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New Website, Part 2: A Guided and Educational Shopping Experience

New Website, Part 2: A Guided and Educational Shopping Experience

August 4, 2022

New Website, Part 2: A Guided and Educational Shopping Experience post image

In late 2021, our marketing team began planning for a rebuild of the Schier website. This project was driven by two core aspirations: to elevate the document-finding experience for specifying engineers, as discussed in a previous article, and to offer a more guided and educational shopping experience.

Because not everyone is a grease interceptor expert, we've taken steps to make shopping our website as comprehensible and painless as possible. The new site includes more photos, videos, diagrams and prompts to help you find the exact products you need for your application.

“We are proud of the website we developed here in-house and believe that this will ultimately help our customers size, specify and purchase our products easier than ever before,” said Jayme Thomason, Chief Marketing Officer. 


Your time is valuable, so we want your purchase experience to be as quick and convenient as possible. The site offers complete visibility into our two “buy” options - directly online or through Schier’s large dealer network - so you can choose what works for you. 


Our growing network of carefully selected dealers stock our core products, backed up with exceptional service and product knowledge. With nearly 450 stocking dealers coast to coast, our goal is to provide you with same-day access to our lineup of interceptor products and accessories. Our dealer locator application searches stores by ZIP code and shows each location’s inventory (we recommend calling to verify before traveling to a location). 


Within the “Buy” tab of each product page we offer transparency of shipping costs (estimates calculated by ZIP code) and fulfillment times for online purchases. These features are designed to help you decide which “buy” option works best for your situation and timeline. Learn more about our shipping policies for online sales.


Every installation is unique. An interceptor can be installed indoors or outdoors, above ground or buried below ground, suspended (supported by trapeze) or on the floor, and other unique installation scenarios. Furthermore, a buried interceptor, for example, could be buried many feet deep or flush to grade (street level). The list goes on and on, and different accessories are required for different situations. 

In addition to the Grease Monkey™ sizing app that helps you find the right size interceptor, we now have tools built into the site that will help you find the right accessories (and the right number of accessories) to go with that interceptor and your unique installation situation.

While the old Schier site did present which accessories were compatible with a given interceptor, and vice versa, it did not offer clear context in terms of use case, quantities, etc. So the new site provides more context to help prevent customers from purchasing the wrong (or wrong number of) accessories. Whether you are an installation professional or not, these new workflows will guide you through building the right system with each part that you need.


Once you have navigated to the “Buy” tab of an interceptor page, we'll ask a few quick questions as you build your cart. Your selections will result in a presentation of recommended accessories on the screen. The number of recommended accessories will automatically update depending on:

  • Quantity of interceptors you’ve selected;

  • The number of manhole covers for the interceptor(s) you’ve selected;

  • The number of chambers (separated by baffles) for the interceptor(s) you’ve selected.

Note: This process only offers recommendations. We will not automatically add anything to your cart. After we have made a recommendation, you will be prompted with an “Add" button.

We'll also flash a warning if you've chosen a configuration that is not recommended for your installation, with a brief explanation for the specific warning.


Additionally, our footer at the bottom of each page is home to resources such as right sizing information, and a comprehensive blog that covers topics like installation tips and kitchen best management practices.


At Schier, the collective expertise of our team positions us to provide life-long, worry-free grease interceptor systems. We are dedicated to customer success by delivering appropriate solutions, which starts with appreciating their unique and sometimes complex situations. For additional support with finding the right products for your application, please contact  


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