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AGS2 | Support Kit for Above Grade Installation of GB-500


Support Kit


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Product Description

Above Grade Support Kit

For use with Great BasinĀ® model GB-500 installed above grade (on the ground). The wet weight of the interceptor combined with high temperature kitchen water creates the potential for tank deformation in above grade installations. In these situations, the above grade support kit model AGS2 is required to be installed to maintain GB-500 and SI-500 structural integrity.

Above grade installations require additional cover adapter retainer hardware to secure the cover adapters to the interceptor body in the event of increased head pressure conditions. Cover adapter retainer assembly hardware is included.


  • Polyester Endless Loop Ratcheting Straps (x2)

  • Polyethylene Above Grade Support Footings (x4)

  • Galvanized Steel Tie-Rods (x2)

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Compatible Products

GB-500 product image
3,048 lbs at 100 GPM
SI-500 product image
457 gal

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