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ATD1 | Cover Adapter Tie-Down


Cover Adapter Tie-Down


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Product Description

Cover Adapter Tie-Down Kit

Used for securing cover adapters to base units in above grade installations only with increased head pressure conditions. One kit required for each accessway on base unit (for example, a GB-250 has two accessways so two kits are required).

This kit is not required when an AGS2 support kit is used since the components of this kit come standard with an AGS2 support kit.


  • Heavy-duty nylon cable ties

  • Heavy-duty nylon cable tie mounts

  • Stainless steel eyebolts, nuts and phillips head screws

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Compatible Products

GB-50 product image
439 lbs at 50 GPM
287 lbs at 75 GPM
GB-75 product image
861 lbs at 75 GPM
GB-250 product image
1,895 lbs at 100 GPM
1,196 lbs at 200 GPM
GB-500 product image
3,048 lbs at 100 GPM
GB-1000 product image
5,495 lbs at 100 GPM
4,959 lbs at 200 GPM
GB-1500 product image
10,061 lbs at 100 GPM
9,446 lbs at 200 GPM
SV24 product image
SV24-O product image
SI-50 product image
53 gal
SI-75 product image
109 gal
SI-250 product image
262 gal
SI-500 product image
457 gal

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