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Full Service Grease Interceptor Design for Brands

National Accounts Program

Every decision that goes into building a new restaurant is a reflection of its brand - yes, even the grease interceptor!

Over the last ten years, we've partnered with hundreds of national restaurant brands — including 9 of the top 10 in growth rankings — for their site selection, lease negotiations and grease interceptor code due diligence.

Our experience with more than 10,000 locations offers code insight and, for landlords, a familiarity of potential restaurant tenants — resulting in a smoother process, allowing new sites to move through permitting faster and open on time.

Program Benefits

Right Sizing

Contrary to what you may have experienced previously, grease interceptors are not one-size-fits-all. Our partnership begins with Grease Production Sizing Method, in which we consider menu type, meal volume and kitchen fixtures to recommend a grease interceptor model that is right for your situation. This can save money both up front on installation and annually by reducing maintenance costs.

Sizing Service

Our dedicated Regulatory Compliance Department will engage local authorities to discuss your projects and report back with a properly-sized and code-compliant interceptor. This saves your design team the time and hassle of navigating complex code requirements and helps your real estate team consider potential sites and the effect of local requirements on lease negotiations.

Strategic Pricing

Get our most competitive price whether you buy direct from Schier or from one of our nearly 450 stocking partners through the U.S. Find a dealer near you for availability on many products within 24 hours.

Sizing and Spec Support

Your architects and engineers will thank you for choosing Schier. We remove the guesswork and reduce risk by offering lifetime guaranteed products and a full service sizing and specification experience.

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