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Product Builder

Product Builder

November 10, 2022

  • Builds each product perfectly, at an even pace, and within cycle time

  • Understands when to 'stop the line'

  • Keeps a tidy work-center or area by working in an orderly fashion, and returning the work-center or area to perfect condition at the end of each shift

  • Aids in developing standard operating procedures on the shop floor

  • Works with the engineering and production team members to understand drawings and build processes

  • Understands shop floor flow

  • Suggests product enhancement ideas or ways to make procedures more efficient

  • Anticipates bottlenecks and telegraphs them to the appropriate parties


  • High school diploma, GED, or equivalent practical experience

  • Ability to use a wide array of tools to assist in fabrication

  • Ability to lift a 75 lb. load


As a LEAN company, Schier puts focus on the shop floor. It's ground zero for the industry's only lifetime guaranteed grease interceptors. It's a hands-on place that can lead to new and better product ideas and processes. It's a collaborative area designed to improve.

About Schier

Our Purpose is to make things better. Our medium is grease interceptors. Schier currently manufactures the world's best grease interceptors.

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