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Part#: 4045-207-01

Sold for existing projects only. Production for this implementation will cease at end of 2021. Please start buying the new body style. Do not specify the old Legacy model on new projects.
Intended Market: Fixed outlet required by local code
Flow control has been removed from this unit and the outlet connection is welded in a straight-through configuration only.
Satisfies Miami DERM 99% efficiency requirements. Units must be piped in series.
NOTE: Pumpout ports cannot be used with selected connections. If pumpout port combatibility is desired, please select the appropriate connection configuration.
NOTE: This 6" connection configuration includes two 4" FPT side outlets for Pumpout Port compatibility.

Technical Information

Flow Rate/Grease Capacity: 
75 GPM (4.7 L/s) / 653 lbs. (296 kg)
Solids Capacity:  19.2 gal. (72.7 L)
Liquid Capacity:  125 gal. (472.5 L)
Weight:  130 lbs. (59.0 kg)
Installed:  Indoor/Outdoor


75 GPM 
Great Basin™ 99% Efficient Legacy Grease Interceptor for Indoor/Outdoor Installation

Intended Market: Miami, FL
Satisfies Miami DERM 99% efficiency requirements.
See Schier's complete offering for Miami-DADE

The GB-75-2-Series uses a set of two "Legacy" tank bodies with the Schier pioneer head logo molded into the side of the tank and use the SR24 and LR24 risers. For new projects spec a single GB-250-B.

Pumpout Port Compatibility
Use pumpout port PP2 for legacy GB-75 models (pre April 2019) with serial number "2019 - 4955" or below. Use pumpout port PP3 for legacy GB-75 models (from April 2019 to April 2020) and new GB-75 models (after April 2020).

Owners manual (.pdf)
CSI masterspec (.doc)

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This product can expose you to chemicals such as Lead, Carbon Black, N-Hexane, Methyl Isobutyl Ketone, Nickel, Bisphenol A, Naphthalene, Talc, Vinyl Chloride, Formaldehyde (gas) and Titanium Dioxide, which are known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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