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FCR2 | Riser for Below Grade Grease Interceptors


Field Cut Riser


Online: $455.70

List: $651.00

For use with buried indoor/outdoor models

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Product Description

Field Cut Riser for Buried Indoor/Outdoor Models with 24" Covers

The field cut riser system allows for easy on-site adjustability to bring your buried grease interceptor, solids interceptor, or sampling port to grade by simply trimming unneeded height off the riser bodies. The ease and flexibility of this accessory eliminates job site delays while waiting for custom-built risers, ensuring projects finish on time and on budget. Learn more.


  • Lightweight polyethylene

  • Stack a maximum of three FCR2 risers to create a total height of 94" (sold individually)

  • Topmost riser may be cut based on your determined riser height

  • Includes two riser halves to be assembled in the field

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Compatible Products

GB-50 product image
439 lbs at 50 GPM
287 lbs at 75 GPM
GB-75 product image
861 lbs at 75 GPM
GB-250 product image
1,895 lbs at 100 GPM
1,196 lbs at 200 GPM
GB-500 product image
3,048 lbs at 100 GPM
GB-1000 product image
5,495 lbs at 100 GPM
4,959 lbs at 200 GPM
GB-1500 product image
10,061 lbs at 100 GPM
9,446 lbs at 200 GPM
SI-50 product image
53 gal
SI-75 product image
109 gal
SI-250 product image
262 gal
SI-500 product image
457 gal
SV24 product image
SV24-O product image

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the minimum and maximum riser heights of buried Great Basin™ indoor/outdoor units?

The adjustable adapters that ship with these units offer up to 4" of built-in riser height. The maximum height for field cut risers is 94," which is equivalent to three FCR2 risers (sold separately). If the unit is suspended with risers to the floor above, they can use more than three if needed.

Can corrugated pipe be used as a riser on the Great Basin® indoor/outdoor units?

A 24" double wall corrugated pipe can be used as a riser for these units. You will need to purchase Schier's adapter for 24" corrugated pipe riser (CA2).

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