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PDK1 | Drawoff Valve Kit


Drawoff Kit


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Product Description

Philly Drawoff Kit

Intended Market: Philadelphia, PA

Specifically for use with grease interceptors installed in the Philadelphia metro area. It may be used to remove interceptor contents manually, versus pumpout.


  • Injection molded polypropylene 4" MPT x 2" plain end fitting

  • 2" x 2-3/8" no hub banded stainless steel coupling

  • 2" PVC drawoff valve assembly (hub x hub ball valve with 90º hub-to-spigot elbow and Schedule 40 pipe)

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Compatible With

GB1 product image
70 lbs at 20 GPM
64 lbs at 25 GPM
GB2 product image
130 lbs at 35 GPM
127 lbs at 50 GPM
GB3 product image
272 lbs at 50 GPM
175 lbs at 75 GPM
GB-50 product image
439 lbs at 50 GPM
287 lbs at 75 GPM
GB-75 product image
861 lbs at 75 GPM
GB-250 product image
1,895 lbs at 100 GPM
1,196 lbs at 200 GPM
GB-500 product image
3,048 lbs at 100 GPM

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