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GB-500-500HF | Hydromechanical Grease Interceptor for Vancouver, BC


Hydromechanical Grease Interceptor

Alternate Configuration


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List: $16,372.00

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500 GPM / 1,000 lbs

Indoor / Outdoor

510 GAL

Liquid Capacity

Intended Markets: Vancouver, BC and New York City

Product Description

High-Flow, 500 GPM Hydromechanical Grease Interceptor

The GB-500-500HF offers best-in-class certified grease capacity and 25% kitchen solids waste capacity. It can be installed above grade (on the ground, with above grade support kit AGS2) or buried below grade (compatible with FCR2 risers to bring system to grade), as well as indoor or outdoor. The triple outlet feature allows for installation flexibility, including the ability to connect an unused outlet for remote pumpout (PP3 compatibility).

More Features:

  • Rugged polyethylene tank body

  • Safety Star® access restrictor prevents accidental entry

  • No flow control required

This unit is factory rated only. Please ensure unit meets local ordinance before specifying.

Alternate Configurations

GB-500 — 100 GPM, 510-gallon grease interceptor

GB-500-250HF — 250 GPM, 510-gallon grease interceptor intended for Vancouver, British Columbia market

GB-500-B — 100 GPM, 510-gallon hydromechanical AND gravity grease interceptor intended for Miami DERM, Austin, TX, and Wichita markets

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Technical Information

Flow Rate/Grease Capacity
500 GPM (31.5 L/s) / 1,000 lbs (453.5 kg)

Solids Capacity 128 gal (484.5 L)

Liquid Capacity 510 gal (1,930.6 L)

Weight 528 lbs (239.5 kg)

Installation Location Indoor/Outdoor

GB-500-500HF product image

on-grade perfection

Schier's cover adapters give 4" of vertical adjustability and up to a 5-degree tilt in any direction, helping to ensure covers are installed perfectly inline on the concrete pad.



Three outlets available for installation flexibility and optional pumpout port connection.

on the tank

Product ID label with technical and certification details (also available inside the cover adapter)

"Made By" label featuring one of our product builders and the date your interceptor was built

High water table, Anti-Flotation

Anchor Kit Options



This option relies on the weight of the surrounding ground/backfill acting on the provided aluminum plates to secure the tank. The AK1 may work better with narrower installation conditions, like between two buildings.

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This option uses concrete deadmen anchors (purchased/poured separately) to weigh the tank down, while the provided straps and turnbuckles allow for adjustment. Some jurisdictions require this option.

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Schier's FCR2 field cut risers are designed for easy modification in the field to reduce jobsite installation time and eliminate custom riser costs.

If using 24" corrugated risers (by others), you will need the CA2 riser adapters. You will not use a CA2 with an FCR2.



FCR2 product image
Riser for grease interceptors with 24" covers installed below grade.
AK2 product image
Anti-flotation anchor kit for use with GB-500 and SI-500.
AGS2 product image
Above Grade Support Kit for use with Great Basin® model GB-500.
PP3 product image
Pumpout Port Kit that converts an outlet into a pumpout port. Use with GB-50, GB-75, GB-250, GB-500.
AK1 product image
This anchor kit is recommended for installation in high water table conditions to prevent float out.
ATD1 product image
For securing covers to units in ABOVE GRADE INSTALLATIONS with increased head pressure conditions.
CA2 product image
Adapter for 24" Corrugated Pipe Riser
CC2 product image
For recessed and suspended units with 24" covers.
PLAIN-EA-24 product image
4" MPT - 2" Plain End Fitting.
PLAIN-EA-34 product image
4" MPT - 3" Plain End Fitting.
FPT-EA-23 product image
3" MPT - 2" FPT Fitting.
FPT-EA-34 product image
4" MPT - 3" FPT Fitting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Great Basin® indoor/outdoor units traffic rated (H-20 load rate)?

These units are traffic rated if they are installed in accordance with our installation instructions. The unit will need the H-20 load-rated cast iron covers and a traffic-rated pad at grade per our installation detail.

Can corrugated pipe be used as a riser on the Great Basin® indoor/outdoor units?

A 24" double wall corrugated pipe can be used as a riser for these units. You will need to purchase Schier's adapter for 24" corrugated pipe riser (CA2).

Can the discharge from a food waste grinder be run through the Great Basin® indoor/outdoor units?

These units have solids capacity of 20% or more of the unit's liquid volume, but food waste grinders can quickly overwhelm a grease interceptor. If the food waste grinder is connected to the unit, we recommend a solids interceptor in front of the grease interceptor.

Can the Great Basin® indoor/outdoor units be installed above grade (on the ground)?

All Great Basin® indoor/outdoor models can be installed above grade. The the adapter tie down kit (ATD1) is recommended to ensure the adapters do not become unseated in the event of a downstream backup. A GB-500 installed above grade must also have the above grade support kit (AGS2).

Can the Great Basin® units be used with a dishwasher?

These units can be used with a dishwasher. If the dishwasher will have a discharge temperature higher than 150 degrees Fahrenheit, the system will require a drain tempering valve to reduce the water temperature.

Can you suspend the Great Basin™ indoor/outdoor units from the ceiling above?

These units can be suspended from above (with the exception of GB-1000 and GB-1500). The unit needs to be fully supported across the bottom with risers extending to the floor above. It is the responsibility of the specifying engineer or installer to design a support system appropriate for the weight of the unit with water. If suspending a GB-250, the unit must be installed with the above grade support kit (AGS1). If suspending a GB-500, the unit must be installed with the above grade support kit (AGS2).

Do the Great Basin™ indoor/outdoor units need to be installed inside a vault to be buried in a high-water table area?

If the units will be installed in an area where the water table will crest the inlet/outlet pipe, additional steps need to be taken to protect the unit from the extreme hydrostatic forces. The unit would need to be placed in a water tight vault or encased in concrete. If there is a possibility that ground water will come into contact with the unit, there needs to be a high-water/anti-flotation anchor kit installed (AK1, AK2, AK3).

Do the Great Basin® units require a fixture vent?

These units do not require a fixture vent. The internal design of the unit will ensure proper function without a fixture vent. Any venting to the piping connected to our unit is at the discretion of the local authority.

How much space is needed between units when they are installed in series?

There should be a minimum of 6" between the units when installed in series. In a buried application, this space will ensure there is enough backfill in between the units.

Our fixture has an air gap and discharges into a floor sink, which is overflowing. How can we fix this?

Due to the low head pressure in this scenario, the first solution is to remove the internal flow control. This low head pressure ensures the unit will not exceed its certified flow rate. If that doesn’t solve the issue, the next solution is to add a flow restrictor to the tailpiece of the fixture.

What are the minimum and maximum riser heights of buried Great Basin™ indoor/outdoor units?

The adjustable adapters that ship with these units offer up to 4" of built-in riser height. The maximum height for field cut risers is 94," which is equivalent to three FCR2 risers (sold separately). If the unit is suspended with risers to the floor above, they can use more than three if needed.

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