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The fully redesigned

The only performance-rated, non-corrosive 1,000-gallon grease interceptor on the market. Redesigned from the ground up, the GB-1000 features Schier Flow Technology™, industry-leading grease capacity, and the same great lifetime warranty.

Coming November 2021
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Enhancements and benefits

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No flow control required
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Safety Star® Standard
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Central baffle provides extra resistance to environmental factors
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Lighter weight for enhanced mobility easy installation
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Above-grade installation capability
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Rotationally-molded polyethylene tank
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Product Summary

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Technical Information

Flow Rates/Grease Capacities: 5,495 pounds of grease capacity at 100 GPM

Flow Rates/Grease Capacities for Miami DERM: 5,272 pounds of grease capacity at 100 GPM
Satisfies Miami DERM 99% efficiency requirements.

Solids Capacity: 21%

Liquid Capacity: 1,000 gal (3,785 L)

Weight: 824 pounds (assembled with cast iron covers)

Installed: Indoor/Outdoor installation (requires 74" access)


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